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Executive Summary:   Crave InfoTech introduces Asset Tracking &  Field Workforce Management Solution certified from SAP.

This solution can help you improve your field workforce productivity, emergency planning & response , scheduling of jobs & off course  customer satisfaction.

A solution for your retiring workforce which helps tracking jobs, vehicles, employees and assets.

As a electric or water utility professional, you recognize the value of good data. When you link that data to a geographic location on a map, you can visualize the big picture which gives you a powerful decision-making tool.

Asset Tracking & FWMS provides you with an efficient platform for  tracking movable and immovable assets, data management, planning and analysis, field workforce automation and situational awareness.

Asset Tracking can take you to places that are beyond imagination such as underground fitting, pipeline, poles, switches etc.

Bread Crumb Trail, Alerts, Internal Messaging, Geo fence are few eye catching

Feature, Download route for mobile users, deviation alert from route, and powerful algorithm to route to nearest job using direction API is one of the intuitive features.

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Asset tracking

  • Asset tracking is cloud based solution for tracking jobs, immovable asset, vehicles and people on the field real time using Google & ESRI MAP.
  • Jobs Creation, jobs assignment and jobs execution is made much easier and transparent using C-ASTRA (Best solution to keep track on field work).
  • Vehicle theft, fuel theft, misguided route, long halt is no longer a problem, C-ASTRA is single solution to strengthen your field force.
  • Asset Tracking provides scintillating features like, Bread Crumb Trail (Vehicle History), Alerts (misguided route, vehicle maintenance, geo fence entry & exit and much more), Internal Messaging, Geo fence are few eye catching Feature Intuitive features. 

Best surveillance system for your Immovable and Movable Asset

Vehicle Tracking:

  • Track your vehicle real time on map using GPS device.
  • Disable Ignition using SMS commands remotely.
  • Calculate Mileage, maximum idling , kilometer driven at place for all vehicle
  • Control Speed using alerts to driver; get acceleration and hard brake used during trip.
  • Get the history of each trip.

Employee Tracking:

  • Track your marketing professional’s real time in working hours.
  • Monitor client visit of your marketing professionals
  • Helps employee in claiming accidental policy in case of mishap in working hours.

Asset Inspection & inventory

  • This app helps to captures physical condition of asset with current location details and sends it to GIS server.
  • Easy to use, save time and helps to locate asset easily.

Mobile device Management:

  • With 100 of users been tracked on field, managing mobile user base is quite difficult, MDM called as AFARIAhelp to serve big customers.
  • Helps to deploy mobile app easily on bigger scale
  • Apply policy to minimize use of data plan on roaming.
  • Help to locate stolen mobile device
  • Troubleshoot if no data received.

Interface with SAP and Other Applications:

  • Interface with SAP using SAP Net weaver Gateway.
  • Use of Web services and Online Data proxy to interface with GIS to download jobs and assign work centers (drivers to vehicles) from GIS
  • Can run independently.

GPS Device (Cal Amp LMU)

  • Cal Amp GPS devices are small and easy to install with 100% accurate result, this devices are built in such a way that even remote and daunt area does not have effect on its accuracy.
  • Cal Amp devices are easy to configure and troubleshoot remotely using SMS commands.
  • Minimal use of data plan as it uses hexadecimal code to traverse data. 
  • Inbuilt memory to store when no signal to send data.


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Asset Tracking & Inspection is listed as top five apps on SAP store

Field Service Manager (Using SAP Mobile Platform):

This application is used for field workforce management; this application is developed using SAP Mobile Platform as middleware and SAP (ISU) as backend for Android and MDT. Usage of application is to manage the service order completion, inventory movements (truck to truck transfer), Meter reading entry, Meter  Installation, removal, exchanges, Turn On ,Turn Off, Shut off non pay, Customer Complaint Investigation,

Disconnection and Re-connections, Permitting, Maintenance order, Measuring points and Payment Collection, Substation Measuring points, Hydrant maintenance, Leak reading, Pole Inspection, Pending and completed jobs. Routing of Jobs with shortest distance calculation using Google Map, Voice Navigation. The business process logic and data is encapsulated in innovative Mobile Business Objects (MBO) using SAP Sync BO and BAPI wrappers.

C-FSM (Crave Field Service Manager) for Utilities enables a platform-independent processing of maintenance and service processes using mobile end devices. Representing a full offline/Online mobile application, SAP C-FSM provides ready-made scenarios that help field forces and service technicians perform their daily activities at customer sites and within plants. The strong integration into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and SAP Utilities (IS-U/CCS or SAP ECC Industry Extension Utilities) allows the field forces to work on internal orders (within your own technical installations) as well as at the customer site. The solution integrates the customer data from SAP Utilities and SAP EAM in one mobile application.

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