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Hi All,

Recently i started to work BPC consolidation project. As per my client business needs, need a data source(based on ledger) to pull data from ecc to BW and BW to BPC.

This is data flow:

Ecc system Data source ----> BW(standard info cube)-----> BPC(consolidation model/environment)

We need to generate ledger based data source with help FI team.

First read this below sap help link, its easy to understand steps which i followed.


Generated DataSource for Special Ledger - Spezielle Ledger - SAP Library

How to find the base tables for your requirement.

There is table T800A whihc stores all table types(TT and SI).

From above table you will get TT or SI respective table names. We planned to use total tables with ledger. so i went above table and filtered thru TT.

We need to go with GLT1 which is TT type.

But in  my case my source table was pooled table(GLT1) and sap won't support if i disturb pooled tables.

So with help FI/ABAP team, we copied in transparent table. so my table name - ZZGLT1T (Summary table, its filled by Custom insert program)

By using table we are going to generate a extract structure. We can go with SBIW(ECC side) path, like below

SBIW--> Settings for application specific data sources(PI)--> finance accounting SPL---> Generate transfer str for totals table

or you can use Tx - BW01, you will get below screen. Enter the table name, as per needs choose totals reocrds or line items. but my case is totals reocrds

Execute it,

You will get pop –up: crate object direct entry. Give the package and save. Create new transport request and save, continue.

. After the success you will get pop message on status bar(Below)

So as per the naming conversion my extract structure name was ZZGLT1B.

Next step we need to Assign ledger to data source.

use Tx -  BW03. first you will see like below screen shot, data source(total record - data source) column was blank.

How to assign data source to ledger:

Select data source cell(column wise) respective ledger row(Z8). like below screen(union of red &green color)

click on that cell which indicated data source column(cell) respect to Z8, click on choose(F2, icon magnifying glass from tool bar).

you will get pop box with proposed data source name, enter descriptions, like below:

(Active delta process was un-selected so its indicates not active to my data source at last image.)

Continue with saving object and capture in Transport request. You will get directly data source maintenance  screen as below. do the required selections nd save it.

Once you saved the data source, you data source name will appear opposite respective ledger , as show below  screen.

Now my data source was generated based on ledger. you can check data validation at RSA3. once the data source was ready then replicate into bw side and activate.remaining steps are same.

i will keep updating if any comes...

Thanks for reading....

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