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It was again a pleasure for me to watch Prof. Hasso Plattner on SAPPHIRENOW '18 live online yesterday and hear some new launches as usual every year. Here are some points I would like to share;

. New brand/product names were announced "again" . It is really getting harder every day to keep all in mind, not just for us but even for Herr Plattner as he mentioned once.
The one I got most excited was "Intelligent Enterprise" announced as "internal brand name". It is beyond digital core, aims to integrate all parties in and out of SAP and transform Business to run much more "intelligent"ly. Key word to achieve this objective is "integration" which was the starting key strength of SAP in R/3 times. Real time entry and integrated modules were the main attributes. Now SAP again uses this point of view to integrate every product to make use of every data as much as possible. For this, necessary integrations and harmonization points are defined by SAP and detailed plan for development with priorities is on track. We'll see.

This slide also made me think the nuance between digitization and digitalization. If we perceive previously announced "digital core" "S4HANA" digitization of more data, now with "Intelligent Enterprise" real digitalization will be possible via reaching Information derived from data, which will be the added value to companies beyond speed. Now SAP will show a larger picture to companies how they can benefit them all in their way to digital transformation.

."SAP should be as agile as a Start-up". Not a new approach but an important remark as "not only on development " but also on deployment side. So, "fast deployment which leads to cloud" was highlighted. As a common example, maybe we can upgrade our systems as simple as we upgrade our Iphone's.

.Another new product "C/4HANA" was announced as a commitment of SAP in CRM space as a modern customer facing system. Confusion due to several product names in this area, e.g CRM, Hybris, Hybris marketing etc. is aimed to be cleared with this new brand. It is the largest development initiative of SAP right now proceeded with a new team. Stay tuned!

.Top 5 innovations in scope of SAP HANA Data Management Suite were summarized as follows, which were previously announced by Bernd Leuckert on January 2018.


.Data Pipelines: "Orchestrate data like we orchestrate business". Huge data is kept on different systems, S4, Ariba, Concur etc. and access data from another system no more via ETL as used for 20 years, but dynamically on the fly without transforming data. This will enable to reach any data in/out of SAP.
"In the future we do not want to move data between applications but access data at its origin. Especially in Leonardo projects this feature is very important."


.Text based data-Text processing in HANA


.Spatial and Graph, presented with a POC (Proof of Concept).


.Data anonymization: European GDPR compliant , Important feature here is again that data will be anonymized dynamically in real time on the fly.


.Persistent memory: Planned to be standart product next year. 12x faster recovering process


SAP Cloud Platform was again highlighted as best extension platform for SAP on prem or cloud.

Some key words;
-best extension platform, doing extensions without touching the application
-easy to consume-standardized api
-avoid overcustomized erp systems; keep the core clean, extensions made outside
-larger context in processes integration services, in& out of SAP
-build: combine iot, big data, leonardo services into the core solution
-unique experience platform:erp you can talk to, crm you can listen to..
-agile platform; every 2 weeks 4 releases; no more long release and adoption cycles

-multicloud strategy
-Private cloud edition with IBM, particularly for regulated industries
-Google cloud platform partnership
-Mobile -SDK (Software Development Kit) for Android
-open 180 integrator with 3rd party systems

I tried to summarise the highlights of Prof. Hasso Plattner's speech at SAPPHIRENOW '18.

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