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Before you proceed with any stack it is important that the initial registration is done in the SM

  • Ø Register system in SLD
  • Ø Verify system in SLD
  • Ø LMDB, managed system and configuration

Go to RZ70 in sid and register the system in <solman sid>

Gateway host <solam CI>

Gateway Service Solman Service.

After the registration go to solman SLD and verify if the system is there

Select the Technical system type and enter the SID, The system description should come up.

Go to LMDB now managed systemsàSAP Solution manager configuration

Since this is a new system that we registered, go to configure system èMinimum configuration without Service delivery/EWA

In the next screen select Product system and Assign all unassigned.

That should do to proceed with Change Management and prepare the SUM upgrade

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