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Update 9 Apr 2014: Added new reference links

Update 14 Apr 2014: Updated check table requirement for entry in Step 3

Update 14 Jan 2015: Add optional Step 6 if using custom PPO object type

I was trying to setup FEH/ECH for a custom asynchronous server proxy following Michal's blog. However, between 2011 (when the article was written) until now, there have been changes in the SPRO menu for ECH. So I was unable to follow some of the steps listed on the blog (on ECC EHP5 system.) I tried looking around more on the internet, but there was not much information about this setup. Even the help page on SAP listed steps that did not correspond to the SPRO menu on the system. So after much digging into the system, I finally found the related tables/views that are required for complete the configuration.

These tables/views are for custom processes and can be directly maintained via SM30. For SAP-delivered enterprise services, they are already preconfigured in separate tables/vie

1. /SAPPO/VC_CMPNT - Define Software Components

ZFEH_TEST is the custom software component

2. /SAPPO/VC_BPROC - Define Business Process in PPO

ZPPO_PROC is the custom PPO business process

3. ECHVC_PROCESSES - Define Business Process in ECH

ZECH_PROC is the custom ECH business process

ZESYCL_PROXY_FEH is the FEH processing class (implementation of interface IF_ECH_ACTION)

Note: The entry in "Action Class" must be a valid entry in table SEOCOMPO

4. ECHVC_PP_PROCESS - Linking ECH process to PPO process

5. FEHVC_PROXY2CMPR - Linking proxy method to ECH process

ZESYII_SI_IB_A_PROXY_FEH is the proxy class

SI_IB_A_PROXY_FEH is the method of the above class

6. Defining Custom Post Processing Object Types

If the PPO type is not configured in standard SAP (table /SAPPO/S_OBJECT), it can be added via the following customizing activity in SPRO

  • Cross-Application Components
    • General Application Functions
      • Postprocessing Office
        • Object Types
          • Define Object Types

Attached also are some reference files for development of the custom proxy (I had to rename the extension to XML to be able to upload here.)

1) NUGG_PROXY_WITH_FEH.xml - SAPLink nugget file with sample code for the Proxy class and FEH processing class

2) SI_IB_A_ProxyFEH.xml - WSDL of the Service Interface (DDIC structures for the generated proxy is not included)

This blog is mainly to identify the changes in the configuration from the earlier blog. For more information about FEH/ECH/PPO, please refer to earlier blog or the following:

SCN Wiki - Error Conflict Handler

SAP Help - Linking To Own Business Processes

How To Setup Forward Error Handling in PI Scenarios

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