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This was an SAP webcast from last week. I won't repeat the slides from previous blogs. The webcast covered the features of Smart Discovery and Smart Insights.

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Smart Discovery

Smart Discovery helps "how we find out why", themes in data and make better decisions

Augmented analytics is the analytics of future -take what do, more productivity, get decisions faster

Automate processes, using ML and AI, creativity, to move business forward

Source: SAP

Is this useful? See factors influencing information

See interesting patterns, anomalies

This is a new iteration of Smart Discovery; automatically creates story

Source: SAP

4 pages of information

Overview gives broad information of data

Key influencer page tells you what other variables influence data

Unexpected values - data that do not follow the pattern; show anomalies

Simulation - see what would happen if you add a new row of data

Source: SAP

How it works

If select a measure, a regression model is built

If a dimension is selected, classification model

Source: SAP

Builds model; SAP has a unique automated machine learning technology, successfully tuning models

Can build model without input of a data scientist

Allows business users to create predictive models to improve decision making

The slides below were covered in the demo, so no notes:

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Smart Insights

Smart Discovery selects a variable, notices a pattern

Smart Insights - pick a data point, variance in data, and understand what is behind that data

Source: SAP

Smart insights helps find quickly what is behind a particular item

It can add contexts to your visualization to help understand what is going on

Source: SAP

"Understand why, faster"

Automatically describe drivers behind a data point

Sometimes it will be obvious

Source: SAP

You can see what influences a data point, the drivers

You can do the same with a variance and run smart insights

You can embed smart insights in a chart

Source: SAP

What Smart Insights tells you when you select a data point


Q: Can we export the smart insights to an Excel or PDF?

A: Not at the moment

Q: Can you compare on-premise Predictive with Predictive in SAC?

A: Predictive Analytics (on-premise) was a tool for data scientists; the user is a data scientist

Smart features in SAC are aimed at the SAP Analytics Cloud user, the business user, the business analyst

Underlying technology in automated on-premise and SAC are the same but targeted personas are different

Q: Supported in other languages?

A: Yes, works in 16 supported SAC languages

Q: Are these functions available for live connections?

A: Available for imported data, working on live connections

Search to Insight supports Live HANA connection

Q: Will saving simulations be on the roadmap?

A: not at the moment, this is an exploratory tool; look at the Smart Predict

Q: What kind of license is required?

A: Smart features are part of the standard BI license

Q: What is insight quality based on?

A: Calculated on how well does the data explain target value, and other is if supply other data, how well is it distributed, how performs against random and perfect model

Q: Can you select multiple measures for Smart Discovery?

A: No, looking at adding more

Q: Smart discovery data limitation?

A: Supports up to 1 million cells


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