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Interested in your favorite Linux tools on your HANA appliance. Please share! Note that I mean those that are not installed by default and you need to grab from the web.

1) p7zip

p7zip allows you to compress files larger than 32GB, which is very handy. Plus, it has some parallel algorithms for compression which can speed things up.

2) pigz

pigz is AWESOME! Thanks to ethan.jewett for introducing me. It requires zlib from and pthreads and it has a completely parallel algorithm for GNU zip (gz) and it is gzip/gunzip compatible. It can compress files 40x faster on a 40 core machine! Unfortunately it doesn't decompress any faster, though that is quick on most systems.

3) rar

Get the Linux version of RAR for very good compression... but slow speeds.

4) iotop

iotop allows you to look at I/O processes in a HANA system. Very handy to measure load performance.

5) iftop

iftop is very handy when you need to see intra-node traffic in a HANA scale-out cluster. It shows network traffic.

6) GNU Parallel

GNU parallel allows you to run N processes in parallel. When you have single-threaded processes on a Linux HANA system you can get massive speed-ups.

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