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The Need for Speed

Groovy scripting is an integral part of the CPI. It is a perfect glue script in Java environments and it has integration history.

There are a few annoyances to using it:

  • The only way to check for syntax errors is to deploy the integration.

  • The only way to check logic and functionality is to deploy the integration and ensure the message processing in the flow by triggering it via an adapter like HTTP or SFTP

It takes a lot of time to validate your script even for small changes.

I tried Eclipse and the experience was not perfect. Intellij IDEA seemed to be the way to go. I prepared myself to install another IDE to my computer on top of different versions of Eclipse that I had to maintain. I was going to learn every button and best practice to tell my consultant colleagues.

Then one night, I couldn't sleep. Whether I turn to left or right in the bed I was seeing some Groovy script telling me to "run". Why don't I build a solution that will make my life and the lives of my fellow SAP integration consultants in the world easier? I had to try even that made me skip sleep a few nights more.

The Quick & Easy Solution

Just use your browser, paste your input, paste your Groovy script, and run. That is all.

You can bookmark the "CPI Test Mode" page.


For the power user and complicated projects with library dependencies, IntelliJ IDEA may be a better solution now. But even for them, there comes a time to write a one-off script on a different computer and test it fast.

It is free and It will be free, so it can become a useful everyday app in your toolbelt like Postman or SoapUI for SAP CPI development.
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