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Data Load failure due to No SID found for value 'xxxxx' of characteristic YYYYY.

For resolving such issues, we need to follow the below steps:

Consider your error to be No SID found for value '1020ZSOBPEDA_BABY TEST.

  •      Go to RSD1, enter the name of your characteristic. We will take the example of 0MAT_PLANT here. Now go to "Compounding" tab and check if there is any characteristic with which it is compounded. We can see here that it has 0PLANT as a compounded characteristic. This means that the value for which our load has failed, has entry for MATERIAL and PLANT.

By looking at the value for which your load has failed, you should find out a fragment of it belongs to the compounded characteristic.

  • Go to RSA1, search for 0MAT_PLANT. Right click and go to "Maintain Master Data".

  • Now, enter the values in the fields - PLANT and MATERIAL in our case by bifurcating what you got in the error message. Excute. You will receive a pop - up saying that Data with specified selection does not exist. This is a method for confirming that the value for which our load has failed is not present in the required combination.

  • Now remove the values from selection screen and click on execute. In the next screen, click on "Create" icon.

  • You will now get a pop-up for entering values. Enter the value in the same combination as what you saw in your error message. Click on continue. Now save and come back.

You will now have to "Activate" your master data. Right click on your characteristic, click on Activate Master Data. You can now manually update the failed data package. It will resolve the no SID found issue.

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