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SAP Analytics Cloud is an Excellent Platform and Tool for Story Boarding Business Analytics and Planning Functions for Enterprise Needs.

However , there's no limitation on how SAC visualization may be used it for other use cases like image analysis considering it might be needed for integrating it with business data content analytics solutions or as standalone facial or image data analytics could be the use case for SAC.

Shared below are results of an exercise done for play and fun and exploring the possibilities.

The application is making a real time call to recognize or estimate the Gender, Age and Mood from the facial image of the picture being used.



The underlying solution can capture details for all or multiple people in the image.

Images used are available at

Machine Learing Model for Facial Features analysis, could recognize the Gender, Age and Mood of a Person. Categorizing labels for objects in any image is also possible , including on SAP Leonardo.

Other than identity management and employee or customer insights, the key question remains to address real problem in analytics realm that can be benefitted by using it in SAC ?
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