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In my project, after activating the 0UC_SALES_STATS_02 in R/3 system; I tried checking in RSA3. But it showed zero records extracted. Later I tried replicating datasource and created infopackage in BW and ran it, still zero records in PSA.

I found solution for this:

I did some settings in R/3, those are as below:

In t-code SBIW, Settings for application-Specific DataSources (PI) >>Utilities Industries>>Sales Statistics>> Define Performance settings for sales statistics extractor >> Tick the Initial update group is allowed (as shown below)

Later checked in RSA3 in R/3 system by giving some print document, I found data extracted.

Then the task was to pull the data in BW till PSA.

Follow the below steps:

  1. In BW, create an infopackage with full load and you will extract no records and it will remain with a yellow status; which is fine.
  2. Again in BW, run the infopackage with Initial Load (it should extract 1 record and be in status of green).
  3. Now loin to R/3 system and go to t-code EBW_DQ_SS, follow below steps:

               a. Under the “Environment” tab in menu strip, click “Unlock mass activity type”.


                b. Under “Program run” tab in menu strip, click “deactivate old run” by giving Date ID and Identification.


               c. Now run the mass activity EBW_DQ_SS by clicking “Schedule Program Run”.


  4. In BW system, run the Delta load for 0UC_SALES_STATS_02. Now you will see data extracted in PSA.

This is how you can pull the data from IS-U Sales statistics 0UC_SALES_STATS_02 DataSource to BW system till PSA.

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