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Let us go through the options and considerations to extract data from SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Supply Chain system to SAP BW/4HANA system.

The requirement is to extract time series and response data and also the master data which is maintained only in IBP system. SAP IBP is a cloud application (SaaS); SAP BW/4HANA is not a SaaS application and it can be hosted in any premises.

Here are three options.

(1) CPI-DS (Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services)

SAP provides this tool to extract data from IBP to BW. This was previously referred to as HANA Cloud Integration (HCI). For Supported versions of BW, refer to CPI-DS Product Availability Matrix(PAM). For BW/4, there is NO native integration as of CPI-DS patch 38. So, the CPI-DS extracts data from IBP and provides it in flat file format which can be loaded into BW. FYI, the native integration is supported in SAP NW BW 7.4 and 7.5. The following use cases can be achieved using this tool.

(a) Master data from any planning area

(b) Time series data

(c) Reponse data in time bucket

Refer to the architecture diagram below specific to flat file approach.


(2) OData:

As you know, OData is not designed for mass data extraction. It can extract data from any planning areas (time series and response) from IBP. The following uses cases can be achieved in this option.

(a) Extract master data from IBP to BW/4HANA system. This is best use case until native integration is supported in BW/4 via CPI-DS. This will reduce the number of files to be loaded into BW/4.

(b) Realtime data reconciliation between BW/4HANA and IBP system using virtualization (without moving the data into BW/4). Pl note that this is intended for small amount of data.

Refer to the architecture diagram below. In this option, OData adapter in HANA DB of BW/4 system can be configured and used to connect to IBP system.


(3) Smart Data Integration (File Based Adapter):

This can be used if Pegging (relationship between demand and supply within the supply network)  information needs to be extracted from Response data (order based planning). Refer to the architecture diagram below.

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