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As we currently replace our SAP Business Connector with SAP CPI, we faced the question on how to get the iDoc structure out of SAP ERP to import into SAP CPIs message mapping and avoid to manually create that. After After our research we found a way which really helped us so that I want to share the details with you within this blog article.
In the end, it is a very easy to go procedure. For this example we use the SYSTAT01 iDoc which we need for this article. Nevertheless, it works with the other iDocs and also iDoc enhancements as well.

  1. After you have logged in into your SAP CRM/ERP, you access transaction WE60 and enter the iDoc name you want to download the XSD for.

  2. Before submitting or something else you open in the menu bar the Documentation menu and select XML Schema.

  3. You confirm that you want to export it as Unicode.

  4. Now you see the XSD content. To download that, right click the screen and select View Source. An editor window opens and when you save that file as *.xsd, you have the XSD-structure of the iDoc.

  5. Upload the downloaded XSD-file to your SAP CPI message mapping component as source message.
    And its done. Now you can develop your CPI message mapping as every other message mapping and complete your development.

In case of any questions or remarks, I am happy to discuss these with you in the comments.

Best regards,
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