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Figure 1 Source SAP

SAC = SAP Analytics Cloud

AO - SAP Analysis for Office

Figure 2 Source SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change.

Figure 3 Source SAP

SAP Analysis Office is an on premise product

Two editions of SAP Analysis Office - differences are based on the license

Different PAM's and different connectivities

Use SAC AO, cannot access BW

Figure 4 Source SAP

Focused on quality and stability; it is a mature product

Invest on SAC live connectivity

Future direction - want to remove differences AO Standard and AO SAC

Store on SAC repository - planned

Figure 5 Source SAP

Plans for H1 this year

Improve AO for SAC edition and reduce gap with standard edition

Access to repository, BW repository - connect to SAC, reopen workbook, or migrate from BEx to AO using AO for SAC

Retrieve document from BI Platform after logged on to SAC

Future direction - store workbooks on SAC repository

Figure 6 Source: SAP

Available for online version of Excel and desktop

Supports Windows and Mac

Later support different devices like the iPad

Integrated with SAC; integrated with processes from SAC

Today support SAC models on acquired data

Workflow starts in Excel, access model, create workbook

Based on MS Office strengths; part of SAC subscription

Available for BI/Planning SAC customers

Figure 7 Source SAP

Part of SAC license

Not intended to replace Analysis for Office

To obtain this add-in tenant needs to be on Cloud Foundry

Figure 8 Source: SAP

Figure 9 Source SAP

Figure 10 Source SAP

Product is new, GA last May

Features are delivered every 4 to 6 weeks

Q1 this year:

For planning - unbooked data (plan on a new product) - plan to deliver in 2 weeks to customers

Keep formula - Excel formula

Member selector enhancements - search for member if you have a large dimension

Support ranking - top 10 customers

Q2 this year - "SAPPHIRE" time frame

New universal model - new SAC planning model - want to read this model in Excel

Currency - show default/local

Flexibility to retrieve data - GetData - focus on data to retrieve

Option to repeat members, useful if you want to create pivot tables

Plan to offer keyboard shortcuts for faster data entry

Future direction

Support planning comments

Execute data actions

Asymetric reporting - fine tune what you would like to see

Integration with SAC story

Platforms - connect to live sources (can't do it today) - plan to support SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as a live data source

Figure 11 Source SAP

Positioning - AO is a mature product, several customers, remains key part for SAP, key add in for BW, BPC, S/4HANA on premise; not plan to invest in new capability

For SAC planning scenarios, do not recommend AO; recommend using add-in for MS Office

This add-in is not a successor for SAP AO

For a guided solution, use SAC Analytics Designer





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Learn more in SAP’s ingo.hilgefort  new book, Mastering SAP Analytics Cloud, Empower your Business Users, is now available at Amazon.  It’s a comprehensive book, 991 pages long, covering personas. tutorials, how to use it, how to use it with other SAP products.  I highly recommend this book.  It covers this product as well.  It also includes certification tips for SAP Analytics Cloud.  I posted a review here.  Ingo covers the SAC add-in for MS Office in this book.

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