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Dear experts,

Is a pleasure to share more experiences after last posts shared about building different applications with IoT, HCI, Fiori, Java, HANA DB, SMP, etc… Where in this case we will be able to get the vision from one step by step project proposed by other experts, complemented by my experiences building this project and complementing the vision with other success tips.

Business Vision:

With a little opinion based on real experience aligning the technology with the strategy vision, i can say that:

  • Normally projects are negotiated with standard “happy path expectatives”, when in each real life you can respond the following questions: Is this the real life for the majority of the projects? and how do you will face new challenges to move to S/4 HANA?

  • Not all is to talk about “happy path”, even there are “real business needs” that will require to extend your core via HCP in this digital era…

Process Vision:

I can share some tech and flows needs, that you can apply for your company:

  • Processes: the integration becomes relevant when you talk about how to extend your Cloud / On-premise vision via SaaS, PaaS, IaaS in combination with another architectures like SOA, BPM, Client-Server, etc…

  • Capabilities: IoT, Fiori, HCI, PI, S/4 HANA, Hybris, Success Factors, C4C, Ariba, ECC-Netweaver, Legacies, etc…

  • Communication: SAP HANA JDBC / ODBC, REST Odata (JSON, ATOM), SOAP, etc…

  • Standard / Methodologies: PMI-PMBOK, OPAL, ASAP-Activate, ITIL, etc…

Technical vision:

In this new adventure considering that even you can implement it by yourself (without complex scenarios), we are going to follow a project documented by other experts, but including personal experiences…

About implementation (step by step):

  1. Remember to follow my last blog posts,

  2. Adding Application-Managed Persistence with JPA (Java Web SDK),

  3. Java Development on HCP: Adding Application-Managed Persistence with JPA,



Implementation Java app / HANA DB / HCP deployment:

1.- Follow step by step the JPA Project shared in the above point 2: in this case, the challenge will be to consider the JRE7 version, and the lib .jar files after following each point to achieve the next tree success structure…

2.- Source Code: you need to modify each file:

In this JPA, we can build it by code or graphically as we can follow with the 3rd video in the step by step section:

3.- Test:
After building without errors, we can test via local web server…

4.- Deploy and Execute in HCP – Java Applications: but we will want to execute it via SAP HANA Cloud Platform, so in this case we can deploy it remotely or importing the WAR File as we will be doing in this post complementing the step by step links shared above (info not included by those experts)…

Java and HANA App was deployed and started successfully:

The application is working successfully:

5.- SAP HANA: after confirming that your application is successfully working, we can manage the information via HANA DB DDL / Graphical proposals…

Next Steps:

  1. The challenge will be followed by issues that you need to solve with references links that i will share, but in advance if you have the correct configuration, you will not have any problem,

  2. As was mentioned, you are able to implement Java Applications,

  3. You are able to build complex HANA scenarios,

  4. You are able to read my posts about integration, in order to get complex vision….


1.- Eclipse Jar Files: Link
2.- JPA Files: Link
3.- JRE Java Files: Link
4.- HANA / JAVA_HOME Issues: Link
5.- Develope Java App: Link
6.- Managing HCP Roles: Link
7.- Deploying Local Eclipse: Link
8.- Adding persistence with JDBC: Link
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