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In this blog I will be sharing with the detailed steps to add a Z field in BP_SALES entity type in BP data model for MDG-C 6.1.

The name of the Z field is Bill Of Lading text ZZ_BOLTXT.

Step 1  

Create a Domain ZBOLTXT via SE11 and activate

Step 2

Create a Data Element as Structure with ZBOLTXT and assign the Domain ZBOLTXT via SE11 and activate.

Step 3

Create an append structure inside KNVV table as shown below for ZBOLTXT and activate.


Go to MDGIMG Edit Data Model and add the ZZ_BOLTXT under BP_SALES entity type as shown below and activate the data model

Do Generate Data Model specific structures under Edit Data Model MDG IMG selecting BP data model as shown below

Step 5

Go to the mapping folder and figure out the mapping for BP_SALES as shown below. We need to adjust SMT mapping for these 2 mappings as mentioned below.

Go to SMT mapping


To make this mapping the two structures MDG_BS_CUST_BP_SALES and CMDS_EI_SALES_DATA needs to have the ZZ_BOLTXT within them as shown below

Next we have to do the mapping for CUST_BP_SALES_2API as shown below

To make this mapping the two structures MDG_BS_CUST_BP_SALE_X and  CMDS_EI_SALES_DATAX needs to have the ZZ_BOLTXT within them as shown below

Step 6

Finally check the ZZ_BOLTXT field present in the table so that the value gets saved in the below way via se38.

Step 7

Now just add the UI place holder in NWBC for the Bill Of Lading text as shown below via se80

When a CR is saved we can see the value shown below with the content

Hope this helps!



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