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In my experience SAP Fiori, cloud edition simplifies Fiori implementations significantly as per my previous blog Connect SAP Fiori, cloud edition to your on premise backend system, since there is no need to worry about Fiori app specific backend System Aliases or similar frontend configuration challenges.

However, there are some standard SAP Fiori apps, that are currently not available with the subscription model. In this blog, I show how to include them into the SAP Fiori, cloud edition.

As an example, I would like the Track Purchase Order Fiori app in my SAP Fiori, cloud edition that I already got available on premise:

To start with, I need an ABAP Development Tool (ADT) connection from my SAP Fiori, cloud edition to my on premise backend system.

This requires two steps. First, I allow the connection from your SAP Cloud Connector (SCC):

Second, I create a respective SAP Cloud Platform Destination, especially important is the WebIDEUsage:

With that I select to Import my Application from SAPUI5 ABAP Repository:

And in fact, select the Track Purchase Order Wave 2 Application:

Since my Track Purchase Order app was uploaded from on premise, it is missing a SAP Fiori, cloud edition OData connection.

Therefore, I first add this to my SAP HANA Cloud Connector:

And add a respective SAP Cloud Platform Destination as well:

With that I augment the neo-app.json with my odata connection an Deploy it to the SAP Cloud Platform:

As a new application:

So, I can register it to the SAP Fiori Lauchpad:

Starting with the General Information:

Followed by some Tile Configuration:

Next I Register my app to Site, Catalog and Group:

And with that, I am done and can open my Track Purchase Order app from my Fiori, cloud edition Launchpad:

As you can see, the exact same result on SAP Fiori, cloud edition as on premise 😉 and since it runs in the cloud, easily accessible from my phone:

Of course, just deploying this app to the Fiori, cloud edition does not make it part of the subscription model and I have to take care of maintaining and updating it myself.
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