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In my opinion, the SAP delivered Fiori applications are a great starting point to provide a fresh SAP user experience on a variety of devices.

However, since standard software has never been meant to meet each and every customer specific requirement, it has always been crucial to extend the out-of-the box delivery. While I described how to reuse an existing SAP Fiori services to build a completely new SAP HANA Cloud Platform Fiori applica... earlier, I would like to show you how to extend a SAP Fiori application to meet your needs even quicker.

For this, choose an Extension Project:

Then choose the ABAP Team Provider destination defined as per and select the Fiori application you would like to extend, in this case the Fiori Track Purchase Order app:

Confirm the New Extension Project

SAP River RDE now presents you with a live preview of the application, including actual data:

Since I would like to augment the Purchase Order details with a goods receipt functionality, I copy the respective view highlighted by River RDE when clicking on it in the preview:

With the copy of the POItem view in place, I add a toolbar with a button to the footer:

And got the UI work completed with a Goods Recipt button appearing on the right hand side of a new footer bar:

Next I need to add the business logic, i.e. what our newly created button is going to do, to the Controller. For this we create a New Extension:

Of type Extend Controller:

And select to extend the POItem Controller:

This is where you would usually use the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator Service Builder to redefine the existing OData service to include goods receipt information, but for the purpose of this blog I just handle the event by displaying a message:

And this is the result of 10 minutes extending Fiori with the River RDE:

While this is a simple example, to me it shows the potential of the Fiori extendibility capability of River RDE.

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