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My my few recent projects  I have an requirement that in a particular BI report we need to  extract MARA-MATNR,MARC-WERKS ,T141T-MTSTB from ECC to BW.

After checking into ROOSOURCE table contain observed that MARA-MATNR,MARC-WERKS  check that We can implement the scenario using two way -

  1.  Using available Master datasource(MARA-MATNR,MARC-WERKS)  enhancement by lookup  into table T141T-MTSTB. Replicate into BW.

  2. Using a Generic Sources ,expose it and replicate into BW.

Today I will discuss about Expose ECC Master Data using generic Data Source and Enable Delta on the generic data source.

  1. Identify the Joining condition between the tables  .  For my case MARA,MARC,T141 and T141T.

  2. execute transaction SE11 and create a view ZMATSTATUS using the joining conditions and populate the required fields.



3. Create a generic datasource using RSO2 using the created View .


4. Enable Delta for the created datasource.



5. Go to RSA3 and check the data of the created datasource.


You can check the data . Then replicate the data source in the BW side.

In the next blog we will discuss how to expose the same data into available Master datasource(available Master datasource(0MAT_PLANT_ATTR) which has combination of MATNR and WERKS field already. Only need to include the MTSTB(Material Status) using lookup.



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