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There might be many circumstances wherein the same formulae needs to be developed for many reports

For Instance, Count(Transactions), Report Title, PageNumbers, etc...

Rather than creating them for each and every report,they can be developed and exported to the repository which will be visible in all reports to use.

Create the Report with the required formulae

For eg: Consider Formula1 = Count(x)

Navigate to Formula Editor.Choose File - New - Custom Function

Enter a name for the Custom Function and click on Use Extractor

The 'Extract Customr Function from Formula' Dialog box opens up.Please note that the dimensions used in the formula will be replaced by varibales for generic use.Click OK

This custom function will be visible in the Report Custom Functions drop down in the left pane of Formula Editor Window

Right Click on 'Test' and choose 'Add to Repository' to export it to the repository for future use( 'Edit Rights' on Deagult folder to Custom Functions is required)

*Since I do not have the required access,unable to share the screenshot after having added to repository

Thus, the formulae can be made available in the repository

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