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Excel (In Existing XXL Format) is missing in F4 help

Symptom:There are few values in F4 help

Note 1080745 - ABAP ALV error in F4 help in report

In  SU01 for the user
with whom we are executing the program assign the user parameter shoen in fig.

  SAPLV_BS_ADMIN_XXL              X


Now check the new entry in F4 help is visible.

Excel (In Existing XXL Format)

Assigining the Excel (In Existing XXL Format) format for
the user:

  1. 1.First check the Display and check the assignment.If
    user is already assigned then go change and assign the Excel (In Existing XXL
    Format) format.
  2. 2.In display nothing is there for the user then we have
    to select create and assign the Excel (In Existing XXL Format) format.

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