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On Tuesday, 25th of April we hosted SAP CodeJam, exclusive edition in Warsaw, Poland. Session was focused on IoT services with SAP Cloud Platform and has been led by Witalij Rudnicki from SAP Developer Relations team.

After an introduction into IoT trends and SAP technologies supporting it, Witalij walked us through hands-on exercises with Tessel devices and a variety of modules. To get started we used them with PCs to gather sensor data and programmed simple algorithms.

To stay energized for the second part we took a break for lunch and refreshments.

After lunch we connected Tessel devices to the internet and explored SAP Cloud Platform, IoT services. Sensor data gathered from climate module were eventually posted to Cloud Platform for further use.

Big thanks to Witalij and SAP Developer Relations for great session, lots of inspiration and fun with IoT devices!

If you want to organize SAP CodeJam or check upcoming events, visit:
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