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Earlier I posted Which SAP Learn BI Tutorials Have the Most Page Views - Using Lumira Cloud

I am analyzing the views of the free online BI tutorials at Official Product Tutorials – SAP BI Suite  using SAP Lumira  Cloud

If you forget tutorial the link or don't bookmark it, you can find it by typing in

Another dataset shared with me is YouTube views of the tutorials versus those on SCN.  Many companies do not allow viewing of YouTube videos so the SCN tutorials are also used more widely.

First I created a tag cloud showing the views in 2013.  I finally took advantage of the views slider (see red arrow) to highlight products with views over 70K

It also has a nice Explorer-like facet view as shown below:

I can hover over a bar to see that Quarter 2 of 2013 had over 396K views.

I also experimented with the shading slider shown above.

I finally got familiar with the cool animation feature - also available in the cloud, comparing SCN views versus Youtube views:

You can check out Cloud Lumira for free, no installation at

SAP's christina.obry shared the Cloud SLA and said "Cloud data center is located in Germany. We fall under the general SAP cloud SLA listed at  "

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