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These days, numerous blogs and documents can be found how to set up an IoT scenario using SAP HCP. You can build your own demo with just a few mouse clicks, easy and straightforward. But what about customers who only have an on-premise SAP PI or PO system and are not into Cloud (yet)? With that question in mind, I started to look for an IoT demo, using our SAP PO 7.5 system.


Obviously, you need some kind of adapter to get data from a device: a MQTT adapter. You also need a device or a (public) device simulator: Getting this all together will bring you to this scenario


The device (my laptop in this case) will publish data to the broker and the MQTT adapter will subscribe to it. What the MQTT adapter is concerned, I used the one from the KaTe Group. From a SAP PO perspective, the subscription is always done via a sender adapter.



In part II and part III, I will explain how I set up the adapter to work with the MQTT broker, both synchronously and asynchronously.
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