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This was a SAP User Group webinar.

Abstract is here:

Expand And Extend Your Investments With SAP Analytics Hybrid Strategy

While we continue to have a roadmap for our mature on premise solutions, our investments are now mainly on our SaaS offer, SAP Analytics Cloud.

During this webinar, we will detail the different hybrid scenarios enabled by our product portfolio, the upcoming investment areas, the different deployment options and some pricing updates. (Source: SAP)

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And a great hands-on pre-conference at SAP TechEd Las Vegas here


Why hybrid?

Source: SAP

Big push to the cloud

New future will be hybrid for a certain time

Source: SAP

Transformation dilemma

SaaS gives way to push innovation fast

No big migration projects

Source: SAP

Simple view of the analytics portfolio

Represents everything

Green box - all on-premise software

Planning - BPC solution (on premise)

Right - new solution, SAP Analytics Cloud

Yellow - Analytics Hub

Bottom, all solutions can connect on-premise and cloud

Source: SAP

Data Sources

Source: SAP

Live is real time

Keep context, modeling in Live

Source: SAP

User on lower right

Only metadata transfers to SAP Analytics Cloud tenant

All data movement happens inside customer network

A WebI report is created "on the fly" in the server, analyzes queries, and will execute them

Leverage infrastructure that has been deployed in BusinessObjects Enterprise - not in the laptop, and not in the cloud

Source: SAP

Create model, before story

Live universe connectivity consists of using live query panel

Source: SAP

Create story, using Live Universe connection

Goal is to blur the line between import and live mode

Source: SAP

Make SAC the center of the Intelligent Enterprise

Source: SAP

Little by little, looking to replace reporting capabilities in applications with SAC

Benefit for customers; regardless of SAP application use, use the SAC application so learning curve is accelerated

Source: SAP

Business content, available by industries

Offer to partners to enrich SAC Content with a package

Source: SAP

Not a cloud only strategy

Source: SAP

Will have an early beta program in September, general in December

Looking at GA next year

Start from right, enterprise readiness with the BI platform; review scheduling/publishing framework

Simplify installation and deployment; infrastructure as a service deployment

Improve user experience

Only 1 launchpad, completely Fiori

Remove Java from stack, one HTML viewer

Design time will have a new UX

Source: SAP

Live Universe Connectivity 3.0, aka LUC 3.0,  will come with BI4.3

Source: SAP

WebI data model

Reuse model in other reports

Browse WebI data models

In SAC stories, reuse WebI time dimensions

Behind scenes, using transient WebI reports

Source: SAP

Synchronize users and tenants

Source: SAP

Automate tiles in Analytics Hub from BI4.3

Big presence at SAP TechEd

BI4.3 planned GA is Q2 next year

Source: SAP

Dedicated to BI only

Analytics Hub is a portal, link to SAP assets from cloud or on premise

Source: SAP

Middle - enablers; Analytics Hub is a cloud solution but bridges gap

Analysis Office is an enabler

Source: SAP

Many have BI Platform, but host it IaaS (AWS, Microsoft, etc.)

Source: SAP

BYOL - bring your own license or single tenant - subscription - upgrade is every 12 months

Source: SAP

Left, WebI-only

Middle " reduced price "

Source: SAP

Extension policy program; partially terminate maintenance (not possible before) and transfer to cloud subscription; need to pay more cloud subscription

The legal disclaimer applies, things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Support all scenarios

Source: SAP

"Better together"

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