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I forgot that second part of saprouter configuration for JAVA diagnostics agents, but thanks to jeffrey.sterner2 I remember to finish it, :smile:

Remember that this problem is related and the second part of an scenario named on that post , That is on a VAR scenario where the managed systems are connected to Solution Manager outside of Solution Manager local networks trough firewalls, and 2 or more saprotuers... That's is a real nightmare for saprouter remote connection for diagnostic agents.

Error message after diagnostic installation:

"Wilyhost Agent] Wilyhost Agent configuration finished without errors, but on Enterprise Manager (sapsolman:6001) no Wilyhost Agent was detected from host  aptest. Please check the log file jvm_smdagent.out whether the Wilyhost Agent could connect to the Enterprise Manager. If the Enterprise Manager configuration  as been changed recently please restart the SMD Agent on OS level and execute the Wilyhost Adapter setup step again"

If you look at jvm_smdagent.out  file, you will find:

"...10/17/11 09:02:56 PM CEST [WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.ConnectionThread] Failed to connect to the Introscope Enterprise Manager at sapsolman:6001 , (1)..."

* The problem is than wilyhost agent try to conect to "sapsolman:6001"! host instead to use saprouter conection.

Steps to solve that problem:

1. Download the file IntroscopeSapAgent.profile from the Diagnostics agent administration for the diagnostics agent on the managed system

(Agent Administration -> Applications Configuration -> -> Application Resources -> IntroscopeSapAgent.profile )

Make sure to select the correct scope for your agent.

2. Edit the downloaded file IntroscopeSapAgent.profile:

a. comment out standard entries:


b. de-comment the saprouter entries and adapt the saprouter


3. Upload the modified file to the same scope.

4. Reboot the diagnostics agent to activate the changes.

5. Check in the Introscope Investigator if the agent is connected.

Thinks that you have to take in consideration:

  1. If you perform a managed system setup on this agent after changing the wilyhost settings you should skip the step for configuring the wilyhost in managed  system setup.  Otherwise the changes you did in agent admin are getting overwritten again.
  2. DEFAULT and SAPROUTER is the key for the other properties like So for your setting SAPROUTER no corresponding properties like were existing
  3. After a good setup you are able that no problems are registered on logs, but on E2E worload monitor you can't see any data, that is because the extraction for the system need to be re-started to return some records. Verify in some days (after the InfoCube 0SMD_PE2H has been compressed ).

More Information:

About Diagnostic Agents:



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