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¡ Warning: don't try that if you don't need it !

You are fighting on the ewa setup for a dammed JAVA system Java Systems to a Solution Manager system, but for security reasons you need to establish that connection trough saprouter, exactly "introscope agent" using saprouter connection. you configured Solution Manager diagnostic Agent system in a new server with a SAP system, usually the agent is connected to Solution Manager system directly by P4 port but you need to use a saprouter to connect the managed system to the managing system (different that port 50004 and port 80 for SLD)  the challenger is to route the Introscope Manager trough SAProuter.

For allow that you have to take in consideration that:

- Saprouter support in Introscope byte code instrumentation agent for Java: Introscope 8.0.1 (and higher,i use 8.01 for that test )

Steps for setup the connection:

- Edit the saprouttab to allow the TCP connection to each managed system, Introscope Enterprise Manager (usually use default port 6001)

- Edit Java Bytecode Agent


1. Install the byte code agent via the standard procedure (deploy to Solution Manager, use Introscope agent setup to configure the managed system).

Do not yet restart the managed system.

2. Manually adapt the agent profile (no UI support yet)


2.1. comment out standard entries:


2.2. de-comment the saprouter entries and adapt the saprouter string:


3. Restart the managed instance to activate the changes.

4. Check in the Introscope Investigator if the agent is connected.

5. Troubleshooting

Check the Introscope agent log for connection message


-      Check saprouter los

-      Check jvm logs

( /usr/sap/SMD/J98/SMDAgent/work/*.log ) 

If the agent is connected to Solution Manager

a) From the SMD Agent Administration Console:          http://<solmanhost>:<solmanport>/smd/AgentAdmin

b) Navigate to "Agent Log Viewer"

c) Select your agent

d) Click on "Download Logs"

- The latest DefaultTrace files of the managing system:


That's all, hope that simple guide help you for the ewa setup on java system where the network has security policies that not allow to open direct ports to manager system ( solution Manager ).

What's Next:

Part 2/2 - Connect “wilyhost agent” trought saproute; remember that beside you setup introscope agent trough saprouter, application wilyhost agent will ned an especial setup for that, i will update ASAP.

[Update on 11/01/2014]

Best Regards,


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