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You know that there are multiple ways to build mobile apps using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service - it can be native, hybrid, web, meta-data driven & mobile cards.

In this blog, we are going to create a mobile app using Mobile Cards Kit without writing code. Using this option, mobile app can be built in few minutes.

1. Login to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service Cockpit

To go to Mobile Service Cockpit first login to SAP Cloud Platform trial account,

Choose Neo Trial.

Click on Development & Operations tile. In the new window click on "Go to Service" to navigate to Mobile Service Cockpit. Note: If this service is not enabled, click on "Enable" button.

2.Define Backend

Copy the Server URL. It will be used in the next step.

Define connectivity - this is where you will provide backend details for the app. In our example we are using a sample service:$top=3&$expand=Items.

Click on Info>Connectivity,

Provide destination name: SampleBackend

Paste the URL copied earlier. Change the Rewrite Mode to "No Rewriting".

Choose SSO Mechanism as "Basic Authentication". Click Next>Finish.

3. Create Mobile Card

Go back to Mobile Cards screen and click on "Create a new card" and follow the below steps.

Download the Mobile Cards app from Apple Store or Google Play to your phone.

Scan the barcode and run the app.

It is a native app with push notifications and offline enabled by default.

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