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Hi all,

We  are setting up the replication system. I followed the steps on the Hana Admin guide.

The configuration on primary was successful.

When I configuring the dr site and ran the step

/usr/sap/HDB/HDB00/exe/hdbnsutil -sr_register --name=hdbopsdr --remoteInstance=00  --mode=syncmem

I got the below error—

hana101:/usr/sap/HDB/HDB00> /usr/sap/HDB/HDB00/exe/hdbnsutil -sr_register --name=hdbopsdr --remoteInstance=00  --mode=syncmem

adding site ...

checking local nameserver ...

nameserver hana101:30001 not responding.

nameserver is shut down, proceeding ...

collecting information ...

sending registration request to primary site host

updating local ini files ...

nameserver hana101:30001 not responding.


The error message is a little vague.  It complains the ‘nameserver hana101:30001 not responding’

  it meant the primary or dr nameserver 30001 not responding?

The primary host info as below(

hana101:30015 stated below, does this mean the primary's port is on 30015, but the dr try to connect the 30001 port)

hana101:/usr/sap/HDB/HDB00> hdb

Welcome to the SAP HANA Database interactive terminal.


Type:  \h for help with commands         

       \q to quit                        

hdbsql=> \s

host          : hana101:30015

database      : HDB

user          : SYSTEM

kernel version:

SQLDBC version: libSQLDBCHDB 1.00.53 Build 0375657-1510

autocommit    : ON

locale        : en_US.UTF-8

input encoding: UTF8

hdbsql HDB=> exit

How can i fix this issue? Thanks for the help in advance.


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