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Another short blog: How to fix currency error:

"No value could be determined for variable /ERP/P_0CURRENCY03"

Issue background: 

I was trying to access FIORI app "Cost Center Plan/Actual" and after entering mandatory parameters when I hit on 'Ok' button I got this error:

Technical Details:

This FIORI App is based on BEx query /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2001 which uses variable /ERP/P_0CURRENCY03 to determine default user currency. This variable is populated by a standard FM /ERP/RSVAREXIT_P_0CURRENCY03 and this FM tries to determine default currency based on Controlling Area maintained in your user profile.


Maintain "Controlling Area" in your user profile. Now there could be two places where you may need to maintain this parameter depending on which platform you are using to access the Cost Center app/query:

1- FIORI Launch Pad:

If you are running app from FIORI launch pad then you can maintain default parameters under user settings. You may need to log-out and login again after saving the default value for CA.

2- Using RSRT/Analysis for Office:

If you are running this query using Tcode RSRT in S4 or through AO then you may need to maintain this parameter in SAP GUI:

TCode: SU3

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