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Installed Oracle 12C on AIX Server.

When executing "lsnrctl start"  or "lsnrctl status"    or sqlplus / as sysdba, error occurred

rtld: 0712-001 Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort was referenced”.

The problem is due to I/O Communication ports either  not enabled  or not installed .

To check whether  IOCP is installed run the following command

# lslpp -l bos.iocp.rte

As shown above,  IOCP module was installed and present in AIX

To check whether IOCP is enabled or not , run the following unix command

# lsdev -Cc iocp

It showed “Defined” means not enabled. The output   should show “Available” instead of “Defined”.

To change from Defined to Available is done using  unix ‘smitty’ command

Log in as root and run the following command:

# smitty iocp

Select Change / Show Characteristics of I/O Completion Ports.

Change configured state at system restart from Defined to Available.

Run the lsdev command to confirm the IOCP status is set to Available:

# lsdev | grep iocp

     iocp0      Available       I/O Completion Ports


Perform a system  restart  (means server reboot) to make the changes permanent.

After the Server reboot, check lsnrctl status or lsnrctl start command  or sqlplus / as sysdba command as shown in the screenshot below

Before installing Oracle 12C, read the installation guide properly and follow the instructions  as  mentioned in the pre-requisite check.

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