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Ever find that one error?  It's in an SAP program.   You search SAP Support Portal.  You search the web.   You try every solution purposed.  Up to and including deactivating and activating your service.  It's beyond frustrating.  So I have some tips that I just put together to help.  This is for on-premise Fiori apps.


  1. Don't give up.

  2. Create a support ticket.

  3. Don't give up.


  1.  Take a look at the Fiori Apps library.  If you've never been there, take some time to look at it now.  It will give you a lot of information from features to configurations.

  2. If you are using Chrome, F12 is your friend.  You can see the errors there.

  3. SM21, ST22, SU53, SU3, SU01D, PFCG, SICF, SM59  are always good transactions to use as well.

    1. SM21 - System Log

    2. ST22 - Runtime Errors

    3. SU53 - Authorizations

    4. SU3 - Parameter IDs

    5. SU01D - Display Roles/profiles

    6. PFCG - Roles

    7. SICF - Define Services

    8. SM59 - RFC connections

    9. SE80 - BSP application

  4. Check any data for the Fiori App.

  5. New one to me in FIORI User Settings->Default Values.

Short and simple those are some of my tips.   There are a lot more you can use.  Those are my favorites.  Number 5 is my new favorite.

The story:

This is the story behind why I wrote the blog.  I've been playing in SAP for years.   I honestly have never had to look at the user defaults.

The Error:

Easy enough - look at the SAP Support for any solutions - Done?  After many notes and trying to deactivate / activate services.  Nothing was working.

Search the Web / SAP Community - I had a ton of questions/answers to look at and none worked.  I may not have looked at all of them.  But I was getting to that point.

F12 - to Debug

Yes - I did look at the code too.   All I could think about was what selection?  I hadn't made it to the selection screen.  Not a lot of help, I did some more searches, checked all the SAP codes I could think of on both the backend and frontend.  I saw NO errors.   It wasn't a lot of help at that point.  Of course I was looking at the Fiori App library too.   It was configured correctly.

I went on to work on other things and we had consultants looking at the issue.  I don't know if we had put into a support ticket or not.

Because we had just done a front-end upgrade only, we had our BASIS consultant look at it.  To our surprise, it worked for him.  My boss had him sign on to his computer and it still worked for him.  So I thought it had to be security.  Even though I was not getting security checks failing on the front-end or the back-end.

I spent many hours comparing our security roles.  At one point, I got frustrated enough to just copy all of his roles to my profile.  It still wouldn't work.

So not thinking it would help at all, I went back to the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library, and here's what I found under configuration.

This is the selections it was looking for.   So I decided to change my profile - step 5 from above.   I only set company code.   Tried the application and IT WORKED!!!  After many days and I don't know how much man power - finally a solution.  So I had yet another thing to add to my lists of finding issues.

After all this I did check the support portal again.   I still couldn't find it.   I'm probably not searching under the right things because normally between the SAP Community and the SAP Support I find anything I'm looking for.  It's just a matter of getting the search right.

*** Update 11/24 Support found the permanent answer Note 2227577 on 11/5 - don't give up on support

Back at you:

Any different ways you have of problem solving?  Anything FIORI specific - I'll admit even after a couple of year I'm still learning.   OK - I'm still learning a lot about everything SAP.  That's one of the reasons I love it.


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