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The word "Run better" and "Run Faster" will not be meaningful until the end user can see the real operational excellence.

Real time Orders on hand and inventory analysis is a good example

In traditional way  of running a operational report in SAP ECC to understand  the sales orders on hand, stock overview  and  inventory for a given product line ,it requires the operational manager to run a complex BI report,perform data aggregation and wait for a un predictable time period.

Similar situation to run a credit and ageing report  for a customer with complex credit management rules

Such reports in ECC requires processing of  huge amount of data with tables like MSEG effecting performance of the system.

These are good ERP business cases for optimized transactions for HANA.

What it means for  ECC transactions and programs  that are optimized for HANA?

With Suite on HANA,SAP will provide optimized versions of existing transactions and programs in HANA.

With ECC6 and EHP6 version of SAP HANA (release SP0),SAP is enabling the existing transactions of ECC (powered by HANA) to run better for large volumes of data with the new optimization of the transactions for the related business scenarios.

These are delivered by different enhancement packages.

However there are limitations in the initial release SP0.

The ECC with industry solutions  (If Business switches are active) are not yet supported.These are being released in new release SP1 but are limited to few industries.

The general requirement of running operation reports using transactions for open orders/open inventory are not yet supported.

Industries like Utilities which requires processing of huge data to process utility bills,optimize customer energy management,HANA  solutions like Smart Meter Analytics can address to some extent but these needs to be addressed in the core ERP applications.

How do we identify which transactions are optimized?

Some optimized transactions still use same name of ECC and  end with letter H and some with N.Some transactions in SD have the same transaction id of ECC.

The other impact of using these optimized transactions are  custom BADI's and BAPI's will get effected.It may be required to adjust the relevant ABAP code.With Suite on HANA,SAP will provide optimized versions of existing programs and the BADI and BAPI's need to be pointed accordingly.


Is it required for customers to wait for migration till the right enhancement package is released which covers most of the transactions and programs that are optimized?

SAP needs to provide a roadmap  for these optimzations addressing the individual industry solutions and approach for the customers who have heavy custom development work done.


It is required for partners to relook at thier partner led solutions development  as re-certification may be required to migrate the solutions on new ERP on HANA platform.

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