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We have a “Custom Menu” which is an Excel spreadsheet that our users first see.  On this sheet are links to the various reports and input schedules that they use.  The links look like this:

=EPMExecuteAPI("OpenSpecificDocument","5 Year Comparison","/REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm")

If I open the report via the link above, a local copy it ends up here:

C:\REPORTS\Current\5 Year Comparison.xltm

If I open the report via EPM>Open Server Report Folder> the local copy ends up in my PC_MS folder.


This is actually a simplification of the issue because I publish EPM via Citrix and redirect the user profile directory to a FileShare.  The problem I'm attempting to point out is that the local copy of my report is cached differently if I use OpenSpecificDocument vs. if I use EPM>Open Server Report Folder.  This was driving me crazy as it took a lot of troubleshooting to get to this point.  My original issue was that a user simply could not get the links from the Custom Menu to work at all.  The user would double click a link, nothing would happen, and the EPM log simply stated something like "Could not open /REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm"

And the fix?

...the fix was to simply delete the leading '/'!


3 or 4 days of troubleshooting and it came down to the way we were calling OpenSpecificDocument.

In short this is wrong:
=EPMExecuteAPI("OpenSpecificDocument","5 Year Comparison","/REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm")

...and this is right:
=EPMExecuteAPI("OpenSpecificDocument","5 Year Comparison","REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm")

Live and learn.  I hope this helps someone else.

On a related note, while I was researching this item I came across this SAP documentation saying to use OpenSpecificDocumentByModule instead of OpenSpecificDocument.
Source: SAP

At this point, I've tried playing with OpenSpecificDocumentByModule but I cannot figure out the correct syntax to get OpenSpecificDocumentByModule to work correctly.

Here's the documentation on that:

Source: SAP

If anyone reads this and knows how to translate this:
=EPMExecuteAPI("OpenSpecificDocument","5 Year Comparison","REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm")

...into an OpenSpecificDocumentByModule call, please let me know in the comments.
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