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Hi all,

Table of Contents
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Introduction
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Patient Mobile App
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Family and Relatives Web App
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Doctors and hospitals SAPUI5 App
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Predicting possible seizures by using PAL
Epilepsy Monitor on HCP - Conclusion

Okay, so we didn’t win the Hackathon. But we’ve learned a lot from it. First of all, now we know much more about epilepsy. We’ve also played with all the possibilities of HCP. It’s almost amazing what we’ve created on HCP. And that all with only a trial account.

We’ve created:

But the most important thing, we’ve connected all these applications as one small platform.

See the full demo of all our created applications:

With HCP you can actually create everything. It’s a platform that has all the components for creating applications.

We’ve learned a lot from it and we hope that these blogs inspire you all to create cool stuff on top of HCP!

Kind regards,


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