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Issue: While consuming a Web service that is provided by SAP PI  7.1/7.0, external application program that consumes the web service need to get  the values for particular field restricted with list of values. 

For  example: For Country_Code field in outbound structure I need restricted 20  country codes (where my business is operative) and I want Country_Code field  value to be in CAPs. Like IND, USA, AUS etc… 

Consider  creation of a customer in External System, and it is using web service generated  by SAP PI, and updating customers in SAP ECC. The user must select only  restricted company code values or a reconciliation account provided in the drop  down as per their company. 

In  order to achieve this feature, PI 7.1/7.0 has provided us with data type  enumeration in XSD Editor while creating Data Types. 


Definition: The most abstract definition of an enumeration of a  set is an exact listing of all of its elements (perhaps with repetition). 

  1. W.r.t  SAP PI, enumeration restricts the value range to a set of individual areas .The  values must be separated by blanks or commas in the XSD Editor. 

Implementation of enumeration in PI: 

We  Implement Enumeration in “Data type” level under Details column in the XSD  editor or simply press the button provided in the XSD Editor. Data type  enumeration is given below. 

  1. Data Type Filed à Details à   enumeration.  

At  the corresponding field level select the details column wherein enter the  required enumerated values separated by a space or a comma as below. 



Once    we consume web service generated on this data type Company_Code field will shows    a drop down list that holds enumerated values i.e. the restricted values are    displayed as follows:   


Here  we have used Microsoft InfoPath as  Web Client. 


drop down list is appeared with all restricted filed values for  selection by using Enumeration in SAP PI 7.1

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