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I am studying Enterprise Social Network applications. What is this? Is there any difference with a good e-mail system?

Maybe no.



You can post an information to a single person or to a group of people. Like sending a mail to an address or a distribution list.

You can schedule a meeting. But there is already Calendaring.

You can chat with someone. Just a telephone call.

On the other side, you have to force all the people in your community to adopt the software that you have chosen. Mail is everywhere; any client works. Any platform. You have to gain committment, stakeholders, investments.

No surprise that his is still a niche market. Why this? Basically because every solution is mainly a clone of Facebook. But, in an enterprise world, you shouldask for more. Having your SAP system to post automatically, in your dashboard, status update for your purchase request, or your customer order delivery. Well, you have CRM for this.

Understanding that a mail is related with a workflow step? With a stock level alert? With a payment received? Maybe.

I think that something more is possible.

I am carrying on an evaluation, very simple, not pretending to evaluate everything that is available on the market.

And I have ideas. 

And writing a blog, on Google+ about this. Anyone can follow. Also engaging discussions with some people from the more active vendors.

I have obviously, in the test plan Jive, among others. There were rumors about an acquisition by SAP.

Some key points about this market segment are:

  • Saas
  • Integration
  • Organization
  • Mobile
  • Shaping of activity streams

You can find my blogs on Google+ using the tag #socbiz or #SERM

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