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Figure 1 Source SAP

Last week SAP held its first askSAP call of 2021, expertly moderated by the great timo.elliott

Some of the acronyms:

SAC  - SAP Analytics Cloud

DWC - SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

BTP - Business Technology Platform

Figure 2 Source SAP

Legal disclaimer applies

Figure 3 Source: SAP

Analytics is number 1 pandemic technology

Explosion of uncertainty

Why Analytics and Line of Business

Figure 4 Source SAP

Do best companies run SAP?

Figure 5 Source SAP

Comparing SAP and non SAP customers

Figure 6 Source SAP

How tie solutions together?

With BTP, Business Technology Platform

Figure 7 Source SAP

End to end analytics capabilities - not just embedded analytics or standalone analytics

HCM with SuccessFactors example

Operational analytics - embedded analytics

Figure 8 Source SAP

Enterprise analytics across applications

Not just SAP applications

Figure 9 Source SAP

Using SAC and DWC

For business user and IT across SAP and non-SAP applications

DWC - combine and enhance data

Figure 10 Source SAP

Access multiple areas from one dashboard

Figure 11 Source SAP

Planning top down, bottom up

Figure 12 Source SAP

Over 200 industry and LoB packages

Over 90 packages in SAC and DWC

Get started with data models

Figure 13 Source SAP

Business content packages


Figure 14 Source SAP

Highlights of survey

84% HR data underused

Figure 15 Source SAP

HR is siloed

Finance does planning, can't see HR counts?

Figure 16 Source SAP

3 parts of analytics as part of HXM

Report Story - embedded SAC in SuccessFactors - "People Analytics"

Workforce Analytics - prebuilt KPI's, one click implementation

  • Connector between Workforce Analytics and SAC

Figure 17 Source SAP

DWC harmonizes SAP and non SAP data

SAP creates stories

Smart predict to predict attrition, value driver tree to change drivers

Figure 18 Source SAP

Challenges of spend

Right side are KPI's from SAC/DWC to improve spend visibility

Figure 19 Source: SAP

Sample SAC dashboards

Sourcing analysis - source is from Ariba, from established contracts

Bottom left - compliance of using purchase orders, contracts, from using Ariba effectively

Process Efficiency - how long purchase approvals take

Figure 20 Source SAP

Sample KPIs on the top

DWC harmonizes the data

DWC is the harmonization layer

Streamed to SAC

Figure 21 Source SAP

Package available now from the SAC Content network, get best practices so you don't have to start from scratch


Q&A (just a subset):

Q: What release version of SF comes with embedded SAC

A: already embedded last year

Need a specific version of identity management

Q: Does Spend Analytics depend on bringing together from S/4HANA, BW?

A: SAC can connect to HANA, BW, would be more work for IT to implement the workflow

Q: What is tip to get LoB managers to get engaged?

A: Where is data located, what types of KPI's trying to track per LoB, look at LoB content packages

Q: Does SAC have alerting capabilities on mobile?

A: Different alerting components in SAC planning

Not on mobile yet

Source: SAP


Replay is available at this link:

Slides are here:

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