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If you're currently handling a SuccessFactors AMS project or have recently wrapped up a SuccessFactors project, it's a good idea to check if your client's SuccessFactors instance is set up with an Identity Authentication System for user login. If not, now might be the right time to start looking into it.

SAP is actually encouraging its customers to make the move to SAP Cloud Identity Authentication (IAS and IPS) sooner rather than later. Just to clarify, there's no strict deadline for this migration as of now. But it's definitely worth considering for a smoother and more secure experience.


Resources for reference:

  1. Information on Third party cookie depreciation (2024) and SSO certificate expiry (2025)

  2. Link to check IAS tenants

  3. Information on IAS automatically bundled with SuccessFactors after 9th Dec 2022

  4. Information regarding migration to IAS from existing system.

  5. Read on why IAS is important.

  6. Implementing and migrating to IAS.


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