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This was an SAP webcast from last week that was all about GeoMaps as part of SAP Analytics Cloud.  It is part of the "How to series".

Geospatial analysis in SAC aka SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

First is to enrich model with geospatial dimensions to consume geomaps

SAC supports latitude/longitude coordinate systems

Wave 2019/07 - able to enrich geo with names in English or ISO codes (presents names, territories)

Source: SAP

Bubble Layer is useful with 2 measures

Point of Interest Layer - created separately (does not require a geo enriched model), available in SAC repository

Heat map - look at density of information, data points

Chlorpleth - also known as drill layer - can consume hierarchy data - drill down from country to region to data points, supports geographic shapes

Source: SAP

Feature layer allows you to access publicly available maps such as Esri ArcGIS service; no model needed

Flow layer - analyze movement of information between 2 geographic data points

Source: SAP

Custom region data, available with Chloropleth layer with Live HANA

See help

Source: SAP

Now support Chloropleth maps on mobile device

Source: SAP

Some visualization and styling

Source: SAP

Results of the survey during the webcast

Clustering - performance benefit if the setting is set to off

Polygon filter

Question and Answer

Q: How build tool tip hover on geomap

A: Part of the demo

part of the tool tip

Q: how add slider filter

A: This was part of the demo

Q: Show label directly on the bubble

A: Not available today; not recommend put extra information, consider linked analysis

Q: Difference between point of interest and feature layer

A: Point of interest is an entity in SAC; import a file - CSV/Esri/Excel

Feature layer is an Esri service

Q: Best practices from Geo

A: Base layer - select light gray, transparent dark gray

If have more than 5K points, leave clustering feature on

Also set this feature in properties:

Q: How handle real time geospatial analytics?

A: Support live HANA connections

Link to slides is here

I recommend watching the webcast while you try the demo on your tenant
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