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Adaptive Layout is a nice feature provided in SAP LUMIRA which seamlessly adapts the report to different viewing devices of varying screen sizes and this helps the Customer to experience the richness of the application on their handheld mobile devices,ipads , Laptops as well as Desktops. In this blog we will further enhance the user interaction of the Adaptive layout by custom coding the Maximize and Minimize functionality using Move component method and Global script features in LUMIRA.

To further enhance user interactivity with the chart we can use the  maximize and minimize functionality as shown below.

Figure 1

Clicking on the above icon maximizes the report selected by moving chart component to Dialog screen which is displayed in runtime as shown below


On clicking  the close button the chart is moved back to the original Panel.

In this example we use an Adaptive Layout with 4 blocks with Large Colspan 3 as configuration for each block.

Figure 2

Each block has a chart and icon . Pressing the icon triggers the global script function which invokes the   Dialog box which is hidden as configured.



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