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Hi All,

In this blog post, we'll learn how to add a custom field to the standard form of a standard business object.

Follow the steps below to complete the agenda,

1. Open the SAP Cloud Application Studio

2. Right Click on the Solution and Add Standard Business Object (.xbo)

3. Add the new element and Save & Activate


 4. Now click on Administration -> Switch On/Off Admin Mode, (then only we can able to Enhance the Form of Standard Business Objects)


5. After that right click on your (.xbo), select Enhance Form and select the fields which you want to add in the form.


6. When you click OK, it will take you to the C4C system's login page in your browser, where you can log in using your ***PDI credentials***,

7. Select the From Template, and click Add Field and Edit,


8. Once the field is added to the form, then follow the following steps:

  • Go to Administrator WorkCenter -> Form Template Maintenance,
  • Search with the form name, [In this example, I’m working on SalesQuote]
  • Select the form and Download it.


9. Now the compressed(zip) file of the selected form will downloaded in your system. Extract the zip file and open the .XDP file in Adobe Live Cycle Designer.

10. Now the main thing is, the extended filed to the form will Not come automatically in the Data View.


11. So, to bring the extended field, right click on the DataConnection in Data View, select Connection Properties.


12. Select the MainShema.xsd from downloaded zip file and click on Finish by referring the below image,


13. Now you can able to see the extended custom filed in Data Connection and you can use that in your form.


14. After you've completed all of your form's editing,

  • Go to Administrator WorkCenter -> Form Template Maintenance
  • Search with the form name, [In this example, I’m working on SalesQuote]
  • Select the form -> Click on Upload -> To Replace Existing Variant,
  • Browse the select the edited .XDP file -> select OK,
  • Finally select the form and Publish it.


15. The custom field will now be visible in the standard form.

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I hope this blog post has given you some insight into how to add a custom field to a standard form.

Kindly Like and Share, if you love and understand this blog.

See You Soon👋🏻,

Abimanyu G

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