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We go for DataSource enhancement when the standard business content
DataSource doesn't completely meet our data modeling requirements.

SAP provides enhancement RSAP0001 that you use to populate
the extract structure. This enhancement has four components that are specific
to each of the four types of R/3 DataSources:

1) Transaction data EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001

2) Master data attributes EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002

3) Master data texts EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003

4) Master data hierarchies EXIT_SAPLRSAP_004

With these four components (they're actually four different function modules),
any R/3 DataSource can be enhanced. In this case, we are enhancing a transaction data
DataSource so we will be using the first one.


We have a reporting requirement where the business wants to analyze based on
Industry Sector. For this we have to append 2LIS_11_VAITM with a field MBRSH
(Industry Sector) from MARA table.

Check the Communication Structure

First we have to start with checking whether the field we want to enhance is
available within the communication structure. For this Go to LBWE-->11:SDSales BW-->Extract Structures-->MC11VA0ITM-->Maintenance.

In our case, we see that the required field is not available.

Enhancing the Extract Structure

The extract structure for 2LIS_11_VAITM is MC11VA0ITM.  Alternatively you can go to DataSource Repository and check.

Go to RSA2

Double click on MC11VA0ITM or go to SE11, give the extract structure name and display.

Click on Append Structure and click on Create and give an append name.

Here give the component and component type. 

Save, check, and activate.

Now we can see the enhanced field in the extract structure. 

After this we need to write a customer exit code for this enhanced field.


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