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It is good to know that SAP has come up with some enhancements to SFTP adapter capabilities in the HCI version and thereby a wider group of customers can now leverage its usage.

There are quite a few changes to highlight & this is applicable from below versions.

Software Version

Tooling: 2.17.*

Node Assembly (Cluster 1.x): 1.36.*

Node Assembly (Cluster 2.x): 2.14.*

Eclipse Platform

Mars (4.5)


  1. SFTP adapter now supports Basic authentication (User/Password), previously only authentication based on Public key was possible.

       Credential Name is the name of the user credential artifact deployed in the tenant.

   2. The schedulers for the SFTP sender adapter to poll the SFTP server is enhanced.



The latest enhancements provides a better view to schedule the poll interval for the SFTP sender.

    3.     We can now use file name patterns (using * and ? characters) to poll a file from SFTP server.

The expression * replaces no character or an arbitrary number of characters.

The expression ? replaces exactly one arbitrary character.

Hope this provides a sigh of relief for the HCI developers out there in the Cloud world seeking answers :smile:

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