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Using SETTYPES for products is a very common practice to add custom fields. If we mention a value table while creating the settype attribute then on generating the configuration we get value help without any effort. But there are some instances where we need to explicitly add a value help to the attribute.

In such cases generally we do our coding in the GET_V_ method of the corresponding attribute. But unfortunately for context node SETTYPE we can't access the attributes directly. Moreover the context node can't be enhanced as any other context nodes. To tackle such situations we need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Go to SE24 and create a new class ZL_PRD_<set type id>_CN to provide value help. Give CL_CRM_UIU_PROD_SET_CN_SL as the superclass.

Step 2: Enhance the component PRDGENSET. Enhance the view  PRDGENSET/SLSeteOV.

Step 3: Change the Associated Type of the page attribute ‘SETTYPE’ from CL_PRDGENSE_SLSETOV_CN01 to ZL_PRD_<set type id>_CN.

Step 4: Redefine the method GET_V_S_STRUCT in class ZL_PRD_<set type id>_CN to provide value help.

We can use various methods present in the custom class created to read or modify attribute value for the given settype.

We came across such a requirement where value help was implemented in  CRM 5.0 using search help in the screen program. To implement the same in CRM 7.0 we followed the steps mentioned earlier.

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