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    In first and second parts of my blog I explained how Lumira Style Lasso is working and implemented. In last part of the blog, I will focus on Undo Previous Step command issue with Lasso and how to resolve it.


    Design Studio provides Undo Previous step menu command. This command takes you only one step back whereas using Lasso filtering is two step process (Lasso selection and Decision making popup). So Undo Previous Step command takes you to decision making step (modal window) from where you have no choice but filter or exclude again. Suppose you excluded carrier AZ

Then after you decided to undo AZ carrier exclusion. If you choose standard command from context menu it will take you take you to decision making popup rather then undoing Lasso Exclude altogether.


    I added two toolbar buttons:Undo Previous Step and Undo Two Previous Steps.

Here is BIAL script for the buttons.

I had to download custom font icons because there is not standard button for Undo Two Previous Steps button and use custom font icons for both buttons to keep look consistent.

Lets see new Undo Two Previous Steps button in action

So it works like a charm.

Attached is an exported model (unpack and change extension to zip prior to importing).

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