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We all know the internal process of the Logistic Datasource is very complex. When a requirement comes to enhance the datasource we have to take extra care in order to aviod lose of any data and have to take extra care when the change goes live. The big problem is when the requirement come to enhance the field and that field has to be delta relevent as well. We all know when we enhance the field using the standard process of “Append structure” and writing the CMOD code to populate it actually does not work if that field is changed as the code is executed when the extractor is triggred.

When we say Delta relevant it means when the field change the change should be available in the LBWQ even though no other field in the SAP delivered extract structure change. I did get some good information from the some good link (mentioned in the Reference section) but it does not mention the required steps that are to be followed.

So here comes the step by step process to enhance the delta relevant field for one of the logistic datasource ”2LIS_02_HDR”


Enhance field “Terms of Payment Key” in datasource 2LIS_02_HDR. When the field “Terms of Payment Key” changes for a purchase order the same should come as delta.


Earlier we had followed the general process to enhance the datasource with field “Terms of Payment Key” and was working as expected. The issue was the delta was not getting picked when the “Terms of Payment Key” changed for any existing Purchase Order.

Follow the below steps to make delta relevant field enhancement:

1) Add the field in the provided User structure for Logistic:

Below are the available structure for Purchasing:
MCEKKOUSR (data for the purchasing document header),
MCEKPOUSR (purchasing document item),
MCEKETUSR (purchasing document schedule lines),
MCEKPVUSR (shipping data).

As we have to add field in 2LIS_02_HDR we will be adding field in MCEKKOUSR structure (EKKO - Header Table):

TCode - SE11 –

Enter the Structure MCEKKOUSR

Append Structure – Add the required field “Terms of Payment Key” -zterm from the table EKKO

Create Append Structure – “ZAMCEKKOUSR1”

Add field “Terms of Payment Key”

2) Enhance the Extract Structure
Once the append structure is available with the required field in structure MCEKKOUSR the same will be replicated in MCEKKO structure as seen below:

Once the new append structure and field is available in MCEKKO we can see it available in LBWE communication structure and move it to the extract structure. As seen below we have already moved the field “Terms of Payment Key” - zterm:

Activate the Datasource and unhide the newly added field.

3) Testing the Delta for Newly added field:
Now let’s test the Delta for the newly added field. It is better to move the data form LBWQ to Delta queue. Run the V3 job to move the data to Delta Queue – RSA7. Also you can clear the delta queue by running the infopackage till it gets zero records.
Make sure you do not have MCEX02 entries in LBWQ:

ME22N – Change to purchase Order
As seen the Payment term is 0090:

As seen below we have changed the Payment Term to 0002 for the Purchase Order and saved the changes

Once the change is saved the entry will be created in LBWQ for the change.

Run the V3 job to move the change to RSA7 queue

As see X is the old record with “Terms of Payment Key” = 0090 and the new entry is having 0002.


If the field is already available in the source table of the datasource and has to be enhanced as delta relevant field we can follow the above steps to get it done.

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