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The highly-anticipated flagship event, SAP Cloud ALM Summit APJ 2023, lived up to its expectations as it took place in Bangalore from July 25th to 27th. The event brought together the industry's brightest minds, collaborating to explore ALM strategy and the transition to SAP Cloud ALM. Attendees also had the opportunity to delve into the latest updates on SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Focused Run, and SAP Solution Manager.



Our excitement peaked during the Hack2Build competition, which focused on SAP Cloud ALM, where we witnessed inspiring use cases from six finalists presenting their innovative prototypes. Crave InfoTech stood out, achieving the remarkable 2nd Runner-Up position among them. Their groundbreaking solution, the SAP Cloud ALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite, captivated the audience with its transformative potential.

The Innovative Participants 

In this edition of Hack2Build, we were delighted to welcome eleven SAP partner companies, who demonstrated their exceptional creativity and innovation in developing intelligent cloud and hybrid business solutions. Powered by SAP BTP & Cloud ALM, the participants presented remarkable native cloud solutions that serve as a central entry point for managing the SAP landscape, boasting content-driven guided implementation and highly automated operations.

Among the standout solutions was Daffodils' cloud-based Help Desk prototype, which clinched the winning position. This BTP-based tool seamlessly integrates with Cloud ALM operations and other SAP products, delivering a versatile enterprise-wide solution. From ticket creation to hardware, infrastructure, and non-SAP applications, Daffodils' solution offers comprehensive functionalities ready for quick deployment.

Kaar Technology left a mark with their remarkable solution - "Rise with Testing, earning the 1st runner-up place." SAP Cloud ALM evaluates system business processes and suggests appropriate test scenarios using real-time data. Furthermore, the platform recommends user covers for testing and integrates all identified business processes into Cloud ALM for effective execution. Its user-friendly interface and automated testing capabilities, "Rise with Testing," promises a seamless and efficient testing experience.

Exploring Crave InfoTech’s SAP Cloud ALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite

Crave InfoTech placed 2nd Runner Up in Hack2Build SAP ALM SUMMIT APJ 2023. We achieved our goal of redefining SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management.



The SAP Cloud ALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite showcases a cutting-edge and comprehensive extension, positioning it as a competitive solution that seamlessly combines powerful analytics, integration, and automated processes— making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to optimize their application lifecycle management practices. The primary objective of the solution is to address frequent project delays, improve visibility into IT infrastructure, and tackle performance bottlenecks.


The suite's architecture is built on the foundation of Cloud ALM and is accompanied by significant APIs, including project management API  for task creation and monitoring and analytics API for KPI setting and project life management. The SAP integration suite is deployed for integration purposes, enabling alerts and email communication to further enhance its capabilities. Additionally, the suite incorporates build apps powered with SAP Fiori capability, ensuring a superior UX UI, and integrates CHAT GPT & teams for an enhanced user experience.


Leveraging multiple Cloud ALM APIs, including ALM Analytics, ALM test automation, ALM landscape, and more, the solution showcases impressive efficiency in project management. Moreover, the integration of CHAT GPT for email content generation and the Cross-project Dashboard catering to end customers' and partners' specific needs further contribute to the suite's versatility and user-centric design.

Embracing the Next Phase: Moving Beyond a Hackathon

The Hack2Build event serves as a stepping stone for our partners, propelling them towards the next crucial phase - BUILD. Their innovations have laid the foundation for success, and now they are eagerly continuing their development journey, determined to bring these groundbreaking solutions to customers at the earliest. The path ahead is brimming with possibilities, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the profound impact these transformative solutions will have in the world of technology.

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