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Hello All,

In this blog we will discuss on how  End User experience Monitoring with Focused Insight Dashboard Capability of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can be leveraged in a landscape.

When we talk about customer pain points it’s generally the performance and availability of technical scenarios across the global landscape.

SAP User Experience Monitoring is an efficient toolbox for evaluating and reporting the availability and performance of productive systems from a client-side perspective.

Customer value End User Experience Monitoring provides:

  • Monitor performance and availability

  • Mobile optimized view

  • Transparent data provider

  • Single Pane Dashboard Capability

End User Experience Monitoring Flow 

Example of Customer Scenario for End User Experience Monitoring

  • Sales Order Creation

  • Sales Order Processing

  • Change Sales Order

  • Fiori Launch Response Time

  • Payroll Processing Time

  • System Response

  • Purchase Order creation

End User Experience Monitoring Focused Insight Dashboard Configuration

Focused Insight is a fiori based dashboard to provide data representation of system status. Beginning on January 1, 2020, all SAP customers will receive Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager as part of their support contract

Data Provider / STDF/DP_EEM for EEM in Focused Insight

The data provider STDF/DP_EEM reports either the status or the response times of an EEM script.
We need to select a robot and a script together with the type of metric (status or response time).
This data provider is convenient for real time monitoring with short time frame and small granularities
(raw, minutes, hours) as it reads the values from EEM tables.

End User Experience Monitoring Focused Insight Dashboard


I hope you will find this blog useful to sum up on End User Experience Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.2

Thank you!
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