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Product and Topic Expert
Hello again.

Alright so final step would be to deploy our applications. If you just coming to this blog, please have a look at the other blogs in this series:


Now we have used the grunt nwabap-ui5uploader in our pipelines for a good amount of time now. However since we moved to the UI5-tooling continuing to use grunt has been a bit of a thorn in my eye and I don't want to install grunt locally to be able to run this.


[Update] florian.pfeffer recently wrote a blog on how to add deployment into the tooling. Have a look here


Luckily a fellow community member Nick Rappoldt (I couldn't find his tag on here, if anyone knows it, please let me know in the comments so I can pass on the credits) has already created a npm package that we can use for this.
npm install nwabap-ui5uploader -g


Notice that I'm using the parameter -g here as this is now a global npm module, so we don't have to install it locally in every project.

The setup is surprisingly easy. I created a .nwabaprc file with the following content
"base": "./dist",
"conn_server": "http://myserver:8000",
"conn_user": "username",
"conn_password": "password",
"abap_package": "$TMP",
"abap_bsp": "ZZ_UI5_LOCAL",
"abap_bsp_text": "UI5 upload local objects"


Now if we run command
npm nwabap upload

It reads the content of this file and uploads to the repository that you specified. There are a few more handy optional parameters

  • calcappindex - Reset the cachebuster

  • conn_usestrictssl -SSL mode handling. In case of self signed certificates the useStrictSSL mode option can be set to false to allow an upload of files.

  • conn_client - System client

  • abap_language - ABAP Language

  • abap_transport - ABAP transport no.

Also remember to add the .nwabaprc to the .gitignore files as you don't want your password to be uploaded. The same should be done with the node_modules

Now this is really cool if you are the only developer working on an app, if you are multiple developers working on the same applications, then use a central git repository and set up a pipeline to do your deployments.

Find some inspirations on how to do that in c3d1947136cd4c748a7aa794001af496 blog: CI / CD for SAPUI5 on ABAP with GitLab

Now if you want to speed things up a bit further, add in another script in the package.json file under the scripts.

        "deploy": "ui5 build && npx nwabap upload"

Now if you run command:

npm run deploy

This will first build your application and then deploy it.

Need right, all while you can continue doing your work.


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